01.10: Medical coverage

EMM requires short‐term workers serving domestically and internationally to have adequate medical coverage while participating in our programs. For international assignments, plans must include overseas coverage and emergency medical evacuation. We encourage all participants on assignments of six months or longer, and all assignments to Guinea‐Bissau, to enroll in EMM’s medical plan. If your assignment is under six months, and not in Guinea‐Bissau, you must choose alternative coverage. If you would like recommendations of health insurance providers, please contact Cara Kilheffer at carak@emm.org. 

Please note: Cost for EMM medical coverage will be included in your budget, if you are eligible and you choose to enroll. This means it will become a part of the overall tax‐deductible support you need to raise. If you choose alternative coverage, you may request that the cost for this alternative coverage be included in your budget. However, this request must be made before your budget is finalized. Keep this in mind before approving your final budget. 

About EMM medical coverage
EMM’s medical coverage is recommended for assignments six months or longer and for all assignments to Guinea‐Bissau. EMM is able to provide health coverage for its workers as a member of Mutual Aid Sharing Plan, a group of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ mission and service agencies. MASP is a mutual aid mechanism by which member agencies share among themselves the major medical expenses of their appointed workers. Each agency has its own unique agreement. 

EMM’s coverage begins the date of departure for assignment or the first day of training if the worker is leaving for the field within two weeks following the training and the decision has been made to enroll the worker for health coverage. Health care costs for services received prior to the effective date of coverage are the responsibility of the worker. EMM assumes that all health care needs have been satisfied prior to EMM assignment. Coverage ends on the date of your return from the field. Following your assignment, you will have the option to purchase temporary medical coverage (TMC) for up to six months at additional, personal cost. Payment for temporary medical coverage is not tax‐ deductible. 

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Alternative medical coverage
Alternative coverage is required if your assignment is under six months. EMM requires that the plan you choose has an emergency contact number that can be reached at any hour of the day. For international assignments, plans must also include overseas coverage and provide for emergency medical evacuation. Coverage is required for the entire assignment, not just partial periods. If you would like recommendations of health insurance providers, please contact Cara Kilheffer at carak@emm.org.