01.09: Finance process

Internship finances

Since it is important to keep EMM funds distinct from personal funds, it is recommended that interns open a separate bank account for the duration of their EMM assignment. EMM will then deposit advance money directly into this account for the intern to use. This money will be used to pay for expenses that are in the budget. Interns will send a report each month back to the main office that details these expenses, as well as the ending cash balances in the bank account and on hand. EMM will replenish those advance funds as needed.


If you choose to not open a separate bank account for your EMM assignment, please be aware that EMM funds must be kept separate from your personal funds. Be sure to maintain vigilant record keeping to ensure that you know where the EMM funds are located, how much you have at any time, and how they are being spent. It would be a good idea to check with your bank to see if they can create a subfolder for EMM funds.


Please bring your bank account information to set up the transfer process with EMM's Finance Team during your training. Contact Karen Hess (KarenH@emm.org) with any questions.


NOTE: If you wish to use personal money for souvenirs or other expenses not in the budget, funds for these items need to be kept separate from EMM funds.