01.07.02: Sample letter from MST

Sidebar on left or right of main body of the letter

Jill Missionary’s MST

Jim Chair
Team Leader
Anytown, PA
717 333‐3333

Jane Intercede
Prayer Facilitator
Mytown, PA
717 555‐5555

Matt Money
Finance Coordinator
Yourtown, PA
717 000‐0000

Sally Talks
Church Communicator
Ourtown, PA
717 222‐2222

George Preacher
Pastoral Care Provider
Othertown, PA

Body of the letter

Dear Friends of Jill Missionary:

We are excited that Jill Missionary is planning to begin a short‐term assignment with Eastern Mennonite Missions. As members of her Missionary Support Team (MST) we are here to assist her in raising financial support, prayer support, and to help keep her family, friends, and congregation informed about her assignment.

Jill has enclosed a letter to tell you more about what is in store for her during the months to come. As Jill’s MST, we support her call to missions. We are writing to invite you to consider how you might support Jill throughout her upcoming assignment.

Included is a form for you to fill out if you are able to help support Jill through praying or giving
financially to EMM to underwrite your assignment. Jill will need to raise approximately (enter 
approximate amount to raise) for her assignment. We expect to find out the exact amount needed in several weeks.

If you have any questions about Jill’s assignment or support, please feel free to contact one of the members of her MST. Thank you for considering how you can support Jill in her short‐term assignment!

In Christ’s Service, 

Jill Missionary’s MST
717 888‐8888