01.07.01: Collecting and tracking charitable gifts

Follow these guidelines for collecting and tracking charitable gifts preferenced for your support.
  1. Your MST’s finance coordinator should work with your congregation's treasurer to ensure that funds are received, receipted, and forwarded to EMM each month. More information and resources will be provided to your finance coordinator in the MST resource manual your MST will receive. 
  2. People may give through special charitable gifts or pledges. See missionary support response form included in the MST manual for methods of giving.
       Checks: All checks (including those from people not part of your congregation) should be made 
    payable to your congregation, and preferenced for your support. Checks made out to you personally are not tax‐deductible. (Please note that if your church is unable to receive, receipt, and channel your funds to EMM, see the finance coordinator section of the MST resource manual for an alternative plan. For funds channeled through your church, your MST will receive information on receipting guidelines in the MST resource manual.) 
       Pledges: Your finance coordinator will keep track of pledges toward the total amount of support for EMM needed to underwrite your assignment. The pledge record included in the MST resource manual can help your finance coordinator with this. 
  3. If someone wishes to give anonymously, he or she may send funds directly to EMM, preferenced for your support and noted as an anonymous charitable gift. 
  4. The amounts of all charitable gifts received may be recorded on the charitable gift record (in the MST resource manual) if this is helpful. Your finance coordinator should see that amounts received are forwarded monthly to Eastern Mennonite Missions, Attn: Program Accountant, P.O. Box 458, Salunga, PA 17538‐0458. It is generally not a good idea to send cash through the mail. 
  5. If financial support is still needed after the start of your assignment, work with your MST to determine how and when the balance will be paid. Remember that all of the support needed to underwrite your assignment must be received by EMM by the end of your assignment.
  6. EMM recommends that workers and their MSTs use DonorElf, software that helps them to:
    • manage donor contact and pledge information
    • track the worker's support level with ease
    • develop and maintain positive relationships with donors
Contact Sherrie Ober, MST coach for short-term assignments, for information on how to use DonorElf at 717 898-2251 ext. 269. Sherrie can also be contacted with any questions you may have about financial support.

Remember to send thank‐you notes to each donor expressing your gratitude for their generosity, which supports you, EMM, and the work of God’s kingdom. Invite your MST to help with this if you wish.
Cara Kilheffer,
Sep 7, 2016, 1:01 PM