01.07: Raising financial support

Raising financial support is a team effort involving the worker and all members of the MST. However, one person is designated as the finance coordinator. 

Please carefully read this information before starting the fundraising process. Additional information will be provided to your finance coordinator in the MST manual that your MST will receive.

It is never too early to begin making plans with your MST for raising financial support. Raising financial support provides an opportunity for people to participate in extending God’s kingdom through giving. However, it is up to individuals to decide whether or not they are able to support your EMM assignment financially. 

It is expected that 100% of the financial support needed for your assignment will be raised or pledged by the beginning of your assignment. Plane tickets will be purchased when 90% of your budget has been given or pledged. EMM will sometimes send short-term workers to the field with only 90% of their financial support, with the remaining 10% required by the end of the worker's assignment. 

Keep in mind that plane tickets will be purchased only after 90% of an intern's financial support is given or pledged. The earlier financial support reaches 90%, the better the chances of getting good deals on plane fares. Please note that an intern's departure for outreach may be delayed until sufficient support is available. 

Your finance coordinator can assist you with the following details:
  • Contacting your pastor or youth leader about asking your congregation for contributions to EMM that will help to underwrite your assignment. Ask the church to set up an account to handle these funds as tax‐deductible charitable gifts. If your church is not able to do this for you, please contact us. 
  • Make a contact list of relatives, friends, and neighbors. Plan to contact each of them personally through visits, phone calls, letters, etc. Take time to explain your potential assignment, and your request of financial support for EMM to underwrite your assignment. If you send out letters, we recommend that you include a cover letter from your MST verifying your request (see a sample), as well as a letter from you sharing about your potential upcoming assignment, and your sense of call to missions (see a sample).
  • Plan creative fundraisers. Ask family or friends to help you with projects such as car washes, spaghetti dinners, bake sales, yard sales, babysitting, etc. 
  • Consider a personal charitable gift to EMM to help underwrite your assignment. EMM encourages you to contribute at least 10% of the budget for your assignment with your personal finances. 
EMM budgets for mission interns (and all other workers) are based on a cost‐of‐living philosophy. They are EMM's best prediction of actual costs for the assignment, and the total amount needs to be raised. 

Each intern is reimbursed for actual expenditures. An intern's only discretionary funds are a monthly stipend, designed to cover personal costs only. If the actual cost of an intern's mission assignment is less than or greater than the budgeted amount, EMM absorbs the difference. 

Once EMM, the MST, and the intern have approved a budget, it is marked as “final” and revisions are no longer made. Please make sure all qualifying expenses are included in your budget before approving it. Qualifying expenses might include costs for travel, medical coverage, immunizations, school loan repayment, etc. (See more on budgets here.)

Because EMM is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, charitable gifts to our budgeted operating fund qualify as charitable deductions for federal income tax purposes. We make every effort to use these funds for the purpose preferenced by the donor. However, charitable gift are made with the understanding that EMM has complete control over the use of these donated funds and discretion as to their use so that these funds will be used to carry out our express purpose and function. 

If the preferred purpose is over funded or cannot be carried out for any reason, the excess cannot be returned to the individual or donor, and EMM will use the funds for similar projects approved by the Board of Directors. If extra funds are held at an intern's church, the church may decide how they are used, keeping in mind that it is important to honor the intent of donors.