Team covenant

A team covenant is an important part of team work and community life. Even though you will only be together for a short time, it is vital that each member be committed to the team. You may want to consider other commitments that fit the setting or that the team would like to add.

Team leader(s) and members:
  • We commit to the Lord and to each other to work together as a team, seeking to glorify Jesus Christ and to honor each other.
  • We commit ourselves to humility and gentleness, recognizing that our hosts have much to teach us about living for Jesus.
  • We submit ourselves to the host leaders, being sensitive to their needs and expectations.
  • We commit to being culturally sensitive and to blessing our hosts, the local church, and its leadership.
  • We commit to being flexible and open to schedule changes, laying down our own agenda and expectations.
Team leader(s) to team members:
  • I commit to leading this team to the best of my ability with God’s help and strength.
  • I commit to seeing every member as a vital part of the team; I will attempt to honor every person as we serve together.
  • In decision making, I will prayerfully use a variety of healthy styles, seeking to discern and use the most effective one for each situation.
  • I will seek to maintain clear understanding and communication during our time together.
  • I commit myself to pray for this team and support the team in this venture together.
Team members to team leader(s):
  • I accept and affirm the authority God has given you to lead in this realm of service.
  • I commit to honor you as leader as we serve together.
  • I affirm your freedom and responsibility to prayerfully choose the decision making style you consider most helpful in any given situation, and I will honor your leadership.
  • If I feel that there are choices or patterns with which I disagree, or about which I lack peace, I commit to come to you and share with you in a constructive, respectful way. I will do this instead of speaking critically of you behind our back, especially to other team members.
  • I commit to pray for you and support you in this venture together.

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    Adapted from “Decision Making for Healthy Teams” by Mervin Charles