Team budget worksheet

General information

Team name _________________________ Number of participants __________

Outreach location ____________________ Outreach dates ___ /___ - ___ /___

Outreach leader _____________________ Training location _______________

Team costs

Training (training weekend*: lodging, food, speakers, training handouts)     ____________

Airfare, taxes, and checked luggage costs                                                      ____________

Ground transportation (stateside and on-location)                                         ____________

Visas and country taxes (when applicable)                                                     ____________

Lodging                                                                                                           ____________

Food (include in transit and in-country)                                                         ____________

Honorariums/gifts (for hosts, for national church, etc.**)                               ____________

Materials and supplies (work/ministry projects as applicable)                       ____________

Miscellaneous                                                                                                 ____________
(recommended to add $20 per person for unexpected expenses)

Re-entry (Lodging, food as applicable)                                                           ____________

TOTAL TEAM COST                                                                                         ____________

Number of participants                                                                                   ____________

Per person cost (team cost divided by number of participants)                     ____________

* You have the option of attending an EMM training weekend or running a training weekend as a congregation. Click here to schedule a training weekend or call 717 898-2251. 

** We highly recommend that teams seek to cover all of their costs. If a host refuses to accept reimbursement (this can be common), then a gift should be made to the family and/or church as appropriate. Do not give large sums of money or commit to raising funds to give later. Seek to be a blessing and give an amount that is appropriate in that context.