Reference form

To help in discerning the following person’s readiness to be involved in a short-term missions trip, please complete the following form. Information provided will be kept confidential.

Please return it to _________________________________ by ________________.

Name of potential missionary: ____________________________________

1. How long have you known this person, and how well?

2. How do you feel about their….
    a. family relationships?

    b. marital relationship (if married)?

3. What do you consider to be his or her strengths?

4. What do you consider to be his or her weaknesses?

5. Do you have any concerns about this person being involved in a short-term mission trip?

6. Do you recommend this person for involvement in short-term missions?
    ____ yes, with no reservations
    ____ yes, with some reservations
    ____ no

7. Other comments or thoughts:

Your name: _________________________________ Phone: ____________________