Personal covenant

Personal covenant

I will be committed to:
  • The lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture.
  • Active participation in a local congregation.
  • Adapting to different cultural and social environments, and being sensitive to local believers’ standards of living and dress.
  • Emotional, social, and spiritual growth.
  • A lifestyle based on biblical teaching; I affirm that living consistently with biblical teaching is essential.
  • Understanding sexuality as God’s gift to humankind, and Christian marriage and Christian celibacy as gifts for the good of the individual, the church, and the world. Therefore, I will refrain from homosexual, premarital, and extramarital sexual behavior.
  • Treating my body as God’s temple, I will refrain from the use of tobacco, alcohol, and non-medicinal drugs. However, I will be sensitive to local believers regarding the use of wine in communion services and/or limited special occasions.
I affirm and agree to this personal covenant:

Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Covenant of understanding concerning personal safety

In participating in short-term missions, I understand that many difficulties and dangers are involved with serving the Lord in ministry. Persons serving in short-term missions acknowledge that any assignment may involve one or several of the following:
  • Threats of violence and/or violence done to self, family, or others
  • Injury and/or death
  • Unlawful arrest, false accusations, imprisonment, denial of rights as a foreign citizen, exposure to many forms of disease
  • Kidnapping and extortion of self, family, or others* 
  • Emotional distress and/or trauma
These represent a sample of the various types of dangers and risks a missionary may face. No place in the world is free from such risks, but missionaries should be especially aware of these possibilities as they consider making commitments to serving Christ. As it is not within anyone’s ability to predict or prevent the difficulties or dangers experienced on an assignment, the undersigned agrees to accept full responsibility for his or her decision to participate, and will not hold the sending congregation liable for any emotional or physical injury incurred during service.

Signature: _____________________________________________________________________

*In cases of an EMM assignment, we make sure our short-term workers understood that EMM will use ethical and peaceful means to secure the release of any detained person, but without the payment of ransom demands or engagement in political bargaining. You are welcome to include similar language in your covenant of understanding if your church is prepared to take such action.