Application form

Please return your completed application to the team leader by _______________________.
A small group from the congregation will determine whether you may participate on the team. They will notify you when they reach a decision.

Name: _______________________________________ Age: _________

Address (exactly as it appears on your passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate):

Phone: (______) __________________ E-mail: _____________________________

Emergency contact: _______________________ Phone: (______) ____________________

(If necessary, use an additional sheet of paper to answer the following questions.)
1. Why would you like to participate on this short-term mission trip?

2. Have you had any previous cross-cultural experience? Please describe.

3. In what ways are you currently serving in your church, school, or community?

4. What skills, knowledge, and gifts do you have to offer on this trip?

5. How would your closest friend describe you, including your personality, strengths, and                weaknesses?