Session 8: In the power of the Spirit

Note: You will need to have enough paper, pens, and envelopes during this gathering so that each team member can write a letter to themselves which you will collect and give to them at home. (If you prefer to mail the letters to team members rather than hand deliver them, don’t forget stamps.)


Sing songs about the Holy Spirit. Invite your hosts, national partners, and/or missionaries to worship with you.


Devotional: You will receive power
  • Ask for two volunteers, one to be the narrator, and one to be Jesus. Have them read Luke    4:14-19 and Acts 1:8.
  • Ask the team: In Luke, what did the Holy Spirit do through Jesus? (The Spirit gave Him        power, authority to preach, and sent Jesus to minister to the deepest needs of the people.)
  • What did Jesus promise to His followers in Acts 1:8? (Power to share the good news to all     people in the whole world.)
  • What evidence have you seen of the Holy Spirit during this trip?


Praise God for the promise of strength and healing.
Pray specifically for team members and hosts who may be feeling discouraged.

Reflect and take action

We’ve been watching for God at work! Write a letter to yourself reflecting on what God is teaching you through the Holy Spirit. Seal it in an envelope with your name on it, and give it to the team leader. (Team leader, you should return these letters to your team members several weeks after you return home.)

Here are some ideas for the letter:
  • Note how you have seen God and the Holy Spirit at work in your life in your team                relationships and in the lives of those around you.
  • Describe some changes that you have already noticed in your life.
  • Record ideas, decisions, or resolutions you have made about what you might do differently when you return home.
  • Include a description of one of your most embarrassing or funny moments.

Note on keeping healthy

Has your team had time “off” to just relax, play, and reflect together?