Session 6: Prayer power

Note: Before this session, ask your hosts (national partners/missionaries) how you can best pray for them.


Learn another song in the language of your host country. Sing other praise and worship songs.

Devotional: Keep on praying
Depending on the size of your group, divide into small groups. Pass out slips of paper with the following Scripture passages on them: Matthew 7:7, Luke 18:1-8, Ephesians 6:18, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, James 5:13-16.
  • Have the team do “Scripture charades.” Ask each person or small group to identify the main point(s) from their passage about prayer and be ready to act it out for the larger group.
  • As the small groups present their charades, record the main points about prayer on a        blackboard or piece of paper so the whole group can see.
Main points might include:
  • Ask, seek, and knock. God is in the prayer-answering business.
  • Always pray, don’t give up. God will bring about justice.
  • Pray for each other in the Spirit in all kinds of circumstances.
  • Pray always. Give thanks in all circumstances.
  • Pray when you are hurting, or sick, or full of joy, and God will make you whole again.
  • What is the overall message about prayer in these passages? God wants us to pray. God    listens and speaks to us when we pray. There is power in prayer.

Reflect and take action
  • How have we seen God answering prayer?
  • What evidence do we see of God’s mercy and justice in this place?
  • How can we walk alongside our sisters and brothers so that justice is done? What do we need to pray for? (Share the prayer requests from your hosts.)

Notes on courtesy and grace
  • Save jokes and comments like, “You wouldn’t believe what I just saw” for private team        meetings. Even someone who doesn’t speak English fluently could [mis]understand enough  to be offended or hurt.
  • A comment that might be construed as ridicule is inappropriate even during private team    meetings.


Gather in small groups and pray for your hosts. Thank God for hearing and answering your prayers.