Session 5: Serving and being served


Devotional: Be a servant

Read Mark 9:35 and Luke 22:24-26.
  • What lessons can we learn from these Scripture passages about being a servant?
  • When is it most difficult for you to have the attitude of a servant? (Example: when I am sure  that I am right; when I am tired or hungry.)
  • Jesus asks all believers to be servants. That means sometimes your hosts will serve you. Will this be difficult for you? How will you react to such an honor?


We’ve been watching for God at work!
  • How has God been blessing our team?
  • How is God using us to serve and bless others?

Note on courtesy and grace
  • Talking in a louder voice generally does not help people understand you. Avoid using        derogatory terms even among yourselves (e.g. referring to the local currency as “funny        money,” etc.).