Session 3: Loving one another


Devotional – Be one in spirit

Read Philippians 2:1-4.
  • Divide the verses into the number of people on the team. Write each phrase on a separate  piece of paper and let team members draw them from a hat. Then ask the team to put         together the verses in the right order by arranging themselves in a circle holding their slip  of paper.
  • Ask the group to briefly share how they plan to apply these verses in practical ways during the trip.


Sing a song of unity as your prayer. 

Reflect and take action

We’ve been “watching for God at work.” Take time to share with one another. How have you seen God’s hand in what is happening around and in you?
  • How did you see God working though your hosts?
  • How did God use another team member to encourage you?
  • How has God used this experience to challenge you or break your heart?

Notes on courtesy and grace
  • Your team may be deeply moved by the hospitality offered by your hosts. Encourage each    other to accept such gifts of love with grace.
  • Ask permission before taking pictures.
  • When taking pictures of your hosts and others, try to include team members in the photo.    This helps reduce the feeling of being “on parade.”

  • Pray for a spirit of unity, so that others will see Christ as they observe your team.
  • Pray for open eyes and an open heart as you look for evidence of God at work.
  • Close with a song.