Team member checklist

Preparing for outreach

_____ Ask the Lord to prepare your heart for outreach, and begin praying daily for your upcoming          assignment. Pray for the trip, the location, your team members, and the team leader. 
_____ Gather at least three prayer supporters, and give their names and email addresses to your             team leader.
_____ Meet with your prayer supporters.
_____ Apply for or renew your passport (must be valid for six months past the date of your return).          Passport information can be found at Applications will take at least 30                 business days to process, so start early.
_____ Give a photocopy of your passport to your team leader.
_____ Receive immunizations recommended by your team leader for your outreach location.
_____ Obtain from your doctor a prescription to treat traveler’s diarrhea or visit Passport Health             in Lancaster (1 800 839-4007) or check for more information.
_____ Begin research on the country where you will go; check Operation World or do a web                     search to find sites that highlight the Christian movement in that country.
_____ Prepare for your personal costs     passport, immunizations, food/snacks on trip,                             souvenirs/gifts, laundry, offerings and host gifts, film/batteries, and money for                
         activities you will be responsible to pay for.
_____ Order the book Prepare Your Heart: Short-term Mission Preparation Guide by Cindy Judge. It 
         includes 12 Bible studies plus a trip journal. ISBN# 0-9712-320-4-0.

Before the training weekend
Prepare in writing for the “Cross-cultural messengers” session. Write out your responses to the following questions:
  • How and why did I accept Christ?
  • What was my life like before accepting Christ?
  • What was a specific event or moment of new understanding or growth in my relationship with Christ?
  • How is my life different now as a result of my faith in Jesus?
  • Why did I want to be part of this mission team?
  • What are my concerns about the trip? How can my team members pray for me?
1-2 weeks before outreach
____ Begin using the Prepare Your Heart devotional guide.
____ Purchase a small notebook to take with you on your trip for journaling.

After outreach
____ Use the debriefing handouts.
____ Write thank you notes to your prayer and financial supporters.
____ Write a thank you note to your on-field hosts.