Praying for your trip

Prayer is essential – don’t leave home without it!

Praying through your motive and mission
The quality of our experience in another culture will largely be determined by our reason for being there and our expectations for the encounter. Thus, we must be clear about our motives.

Ask the Lord to show you the motives of your heart for going on this mission trip. Write a personal “mission statement” describing why you are going on this trip. How do you hope this experience will impact you?

What to pray for
  • Spiritual needs: a growing relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ; time and energy to nurture that relationship; a deep awareness of God’s love; the preparation of your heart for ministry.
  • Emotional needs: a growing sense of God’s presence; loving relationships; healthy self-image; ability to adapt cross-culturally; a teachable spirit.
  • Physical needs: health and strength; safety in danger; wise precautions.
  • Financial needs: provision of finances for yourself and for the rest of your team members; for the time to be released in your schedule for the time away.
  • Team relationships: healthy give-and-take; ability to work in harmony; courage to be honest; a sense of appreciation for others.
  • Effective ministry: sensitivity to the cultural setting and a desire to learn from another culture; eagerness to share the message of God’s healing and hope.
Intercessory prayer for the region
  • We utter God’s “NO” to all the forces of the kingdom of darkness and God’s “YES” to all the forces of the kingdom of light.
  • We agree with God that His kingdom will come and His will be done on earth with the same fullness as in heaven.
  •  The power of God is further released for the transformation of the world.
Ask the Lord to show you more about the region where you are going. What is His heart? What are His dreams and plans for that region? What may be some of the strongholds of that region you will want to pray against? Use Eph. 6:10-20 as a guide.

Personal reflections and prayers
God is about to send you into a remarkable classroom, God’s world, with remarkable teachers     God’s people and God’s Spirit. A good short-term mission experience will lead people to reflect on several sets of pivotal and challenging questions (Dearborn, p.12).

What can I learn about myself?
Seek to be open as a learner, even about yourself.

What can I learn about God?
Seek to understand why others believe as they do.

What can I learn about the people of God, about the Church, about community?
Seek to understand what contributes to a vibrant Christian community.

What can I learn about how culture impacts the way we live and understand the gospel?
Seek to gain new insights into the gospel that emerge from a different culture.

What can I learn about justice, economics, poverty, and politics?
Seek to explore these tough and urgent issues. Why are some poor and others rich? What does God say about this?

What can I learn about discipleship as a follower of Christ?
Seek to gain one new insight into what it means to be a disciple of Christ and have one new step of faithfulness permanently incorporated into your life.

What can I learn about a globally appropriate lifestyle?
Seek to discern one way you can live differently after you return in response to the needs of others in the world.

What can I learn about my own vocation?
Seek to understand ways you can even more appropriately steward the gifts, talents, and time with which God has entrusted you to participate fully in God’s purposes in the world.

    Adapted from From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens: A Preparation Workbook for Short-Term Mission Teams by Tim Dearborn