Section 5: Training sessions

Introduction to training sessions
Mission teams that are not well prepared to enter another culture     with sensitivity and understanding     can do more harm than good. Therefore, we've put together training that assists with discipleship and ministry and addresses cultural and relational dynamics.

Within your congregation you can plan to teach the sessions yourself or you can contact EMM to do the training for your team. EMM has developed training that gives the basic knowledge and understanding necessary to successfully participate in short-term missions, while at the same time enabling those on your team to get to know one another better.

Doing your own training
This teaching can be done as a training weekend or during evenings over a period of weeks. During your planning times, personalize the sessions beforehand. Spend some time in study and preparation. We hope that you will keep the heart of the content, but make it your own so that you can communicate with ownership and energy, seeking to impart and not merely deliver information. We desire that God touches each person present and that the training will be transformative.

If you choose a training weekend, we recommend a “retreat-type setting” where the team can get away together. The training event is designed to be a blend of teaching, group sharing and processing, and personal reflection.

The following nine lessons are interconnected, moving team members through seeing the big story of God, entering that story through Jesus, understanding the principles of discipleship, and, finally, living as disciples in a cross-cultural setting. All of the lessons are focused specifically on helping each team member apply the concepts to the context of a short-term mission trip, but are also applicable in a variety of settings.

Each lesson guide includes a response that challenges team members to put into practice what they've learned, as well as a review step that allows them to reflect on the previous lesson. There are resources suggested for each lesson which will give the leader a deeper understanding of the concepts presented. It is highly recommended that leaders take time to look at these resources, especially for any unfamiliar subjects. Feel free to contact EMM if there is any way that we can help you with these lesson guides.