Honoring and keeping ministry partners

Maintaining financial support
A good ministry partner is too valuable to lose! Even in short term assignments this is true. Maintaining your relationship with a current supporter is always easier than finding a new one.

So teams must work together to build strong relationships with partners and to create ways for them to share in the joy of what Jesus is doing through the ministry. When people stop giving, more than half the time it is because they don’t hear from the team.

Create a plan
Develop a plan for nurturing ministry partner relationships. Consider the following:
  • Create a blog for the team. This can be linked to Facebook.
    • Keep it fresh by assigning a team member to write daily, or at a minimum, every other day. On the off days add photos and captions.
    • As new people connect with the mission assignment, welcoming them by adding them to the list of people you are communicating with.
  • How will you thank your supporters and who is in charge of this?
  • Upon returning from your short-term assignment, hold an appreciation event where ministry partners can see and hear what God has done in and through the team while on assignment. A meal or snacks from the country/place of service could be shared to enhance the experience.