Grant Overview

eMINTS Expansion Project: Implementing College and Career Ready Standards through 21st Century Classrooms

Participation in the project will increase your district's capacity to provide high-quality professional learning to your staff that leads to impactful technology integration. The eMINTS train-the trainer model will provide a comprehensive program of professional development for two trainers in each participating school. Trainers will learn adult facilitation and coaching techniques, as well as planning and delivery of an effective professional development program for technology integration. District trainers will also provide eMINTS Comprehensive professional development to seventh grade teachers in the core subject areas of math, science, language arts and social studies preparing them for one-to-one technology integration in their classrooms. Upon completion of the program, trainers will be prepared to lead your district in high-quality professional learning and technology strategic planning and integration.

The project will be implemented as a field trial, with schools randomly assigned to participate in two years of professional development in either the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years or the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years. Those schools in the latter group will serve as a comparison for the earlier group of schools, continuing typical practice during 2016-19. This approach allows us to build rigorous evidence on the impacts of the project while also ultimately delivering the professional development to all participating districts.

The project will focus on seventh graders in high-needs schools. We are looking for districts with at least one school with a minimum of 40% of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. Ideal districts will have at least two schools.

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Grant-funded Equipment and Services

  • 1-to-1 Chromebook for each 7th grade student 
  • Chromebook for each teacher in the study 
  • Virtual coaching system with camera and cloud storage 
  • Stipends for teachers and district trainer in the study ($15.00/hour plus benefits) 
  • Travel to meetings

  • 7th grade core area teachers – math, language arts, science, social studies, and special education 
  • In test schools two staff and in control schools one staff member who can serve as trainers with the ability to perform in-class visits with teachers 
  • Building principal 
  • Tech coordinator

Eligible Schools
  • One or two schools with at least 40% of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch
  • American Institutes of Research (AIR) will vet schools for eligibility 
  • Each school will be assigned to test group or control group via random assignment
  • School must not be involved an any state intervention for underperformance

Grant Focus
We address “Implementing Internationally Benchmarked College and Career-Ready Standards and Assessments.” CCSS demand that students be college and career ready, think independently, comprehend as well as critique, value evidence and use technology and media capably (National Governors Association Center for Best Practices & Council of Chief State School Officers, 2010a). eMINTS, a comprehensive school-based program of PD for teachers, trainers, and administrators, is based upon constructivist learning theory (Brooks & Brooks, 1999), supports high-quality standards-based lesson design, promotes authentic learning (Herringon, Oliver & Reeves, 2003; Young, 1993), empowers technology-rich learning environments (Duffy & Jonassen, 1992; Herrington & Kervin, 2007; Jonassen, 1998), and builds community among students and teachers (Johnson & Johnson, 1987; Kohn 1996; Rogoff, 1998). We help schools implement CCSS by providing specific PD in the design of standards-based rigorous lessons. We set the classroom context for college and career training with technology, authentic tasks, problem solving and positive academic mindset.

Professional Learning Experiences
District Affiliate Trainers -Test districts will provide two trainers and control districts will provide one trainer who will participate in the eMINTS train-the-trainer program. In addition, affiliate trainers will provide eMINTS comprehensive professional development and coaching to 7th grade teachers in their districts participating in the study.
  • Affiliate trainer professional development details:
    • Test group - Start date is June 2016 with an end date of May 2018
    • Control group - Start date is June 2019 with an end date of May 2021
    • 9 days face-to-face meetings with 12 virtual sessions (36 hours) over 2 years with eMINTS staff
    • Participate in 4 virtual coaching sessions using video systems with eMINTS staff
    • Receive 2 on-site visits from eMINTS staff
    • Complete a portfolio in order to receive trainer certification
  • Affiliate trainer professional development and coaching for teachers includes:
    • Planning and participating in a statewide kickoff meeting for teachers in year 1 of professional development
    • Delivering 176 hours of professional development sessions over 2 years (flexible scheduling allows for full day, 1/2 day or after school sessions)
    • Providing 9-10 in-classroom visits per teacher per year
    • Conducting 3 virtual coaching sessions per teacher per year (with support from eMINTS staff)

Teachers - Participation from teachers from core areas (math, language arts, science and social studies) and special education will include:

  • Attending eMINTS professional development (provided by district affiliate trainers)
    • One statewide orientation meeting during year 1
    • 176 hours of professional development sessions over 2 years (flexible scheduling allows for full day, 1/2 day or after school sessions)
  • Coaching and mentoring from district affiliate trainer
    • 9-10 in-classroom visits each year
    • 3 virtual coaching sessions (with support from eMINTS staff)
  • Completing a portfolio in order to receive digital badging and eMINTS teacher certification
  • Participating in data collection
Administrators - Participation from building principals with eMINTS classrooms will include:
  • Attending an annual face-to-face meeting
  • Participating in a 6-week online course (1-2 hours/week) in years 1 and 2
  • Attending 3 virtual meetings per year
  • Conducting annual building walkthroughs with eMINTS staff
  • Collecting data