The eMINTS Competencies for 21st Century Classrooms (Updated 2016)
The Competencies for 21st Century Classrooms specify observable or self-reportable behaviors that are indicative of technology-rich classrooms that foster independent learners who are creative thinkers and problem-solvers. The competencies are derived from years of research on eMINTS professional development and coaching. You can read more about our research at

Why are the Competencies Important 
The competencies guide teachers through the integration of technology and inquiry-based teaching strategies to transform their classrooms into highly engaging, student-centered learning communities

How the Competencies are Used
The competencies are intended to foster teacher growth. They are not a checklist of required behaviors or an evaluation tool. In the eMINTS PD programs instructional coaches use the document to guide goal-setting, frame coaching conversations, and focus observations.

The eMINTS Instructional Model
The competencies are organized by the four quadrants of the eMINTS Instructional Model. Each competency describes example behaviors an observer might see from teachers and from students that exemplify mastery.