"This is an absorbing story that recounts the lives, experiences and beliefs of the members of a mining community in Wales at the turn of the last century, as witnessed by a young boy, Owen. The writer has researched the history of the period meticulously and imagined her characters wonderfully well. Big Men's Boots is quite unlike anything else I have read and I can't recommend it too highly."

Cicely Herbert
(Poet and Editor of Poems on the Underground)

Big Men's Boots. Part I, 'The Way'

The birth, death and resurrection of a man’s faith, Big Men’s Boots tells the faith story of Owen Evan’s. Book One: The Way, is set during the Welsh Revival.

Owen Evans has been decoding dreams since he was a young child, but when he begins to have encounters with angels as a young teenager, he comes to understand that his life is not going to be an ordinary one, particularly when he realises he can see into The Kingdom of Darkness and The Kingdom of Light and that he must learn the skills to defy the trickery of darkness in order to come into the fullness of his gift and his calling.

Emily Barroso

Emily Barroso was born in Zimbabwe in 1968, where she lived until she was 12. She has lived in London since 1986, having attended the National School of the Arts in South Africa. She has a BA (Hons) in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing with Merit. She worked as a fashion model in South Africa and London, and was a singer in a Camden band during the nineties. After she had her first son, she taught art and creative writing in a therapeutic capacity for five years until her second child arrived. She is married and has four children, and writes as often as she can. Her zany blog can be found here: blog.emilybarroso.com