Public Speaking

5 Things Presenters Need to Know:

  1. People learn best in 20 minute chunks (Think of TED talks)

  2. Multiple sensory channels compete, and visual trumps auditory — make sure the visuals are not distracting or detracting from the speech

  3. What you say is only a small part of the message — think about the unconscious cues you are triggering from the way you deliver your speech

  4. To get people to act, give them a call to action — be specific about what you want the audience to do

  5. People tend to imitate other people’s emotions — passion, enthusiasm and excitement are contagious

Joe Lex's How to Give a Damn Good Talk:

Lex's 10 Rules:

1. Know the type of talk you're giving

formal/informal, lecture/discussion, objectives

2. Know your audience

understand their knowledge/motivation

3. Know your ending

develop your conclusion first

4. Know your beginning

memorize opening line

5. Know your material

you should know something your audience doesn't

6. Know your voice and tone

speak loudly, enunciate clearly, avoid "roodles" (um, okay, etc.)

7. Know body language

use exaggerated gestures, move around

8. Know your environment

don't use podium or laser pointer

9. Set the ground rules

ask or questions before conclusion, summarize take-home points

10. Deal with stage fright

practice, practice, practice

"If you want me to speak for an hour, I'm ready. If you want me to speak for a few minutes, I will need several weeks to prepare." -Mark Twain