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Mr. Tiburcio, Physical Education Teacher Villano/Memorial

Welcome to Mr.T's Page

My name is Mr. Tiburcio, but the students of Emerson know me as Mr.T and I will be your child’s Physical Education teacher this year. I hope that everyone had a great healthy and active summer as I did and that new memories were created with families and friends. A quality physical education program is offered to students as part of the general curriculum here at Emerson. The physical education program is designed to lead students to an active healthy lifestyle that promotes a life-long commitment to wellness.

In order for your child to have the best possible experience, we must all work together as a team! Please remind your child to dress appropriately for Physical Education each day.  For comfort and safety purposes, they should wear running shoes with rubber soles, shorts/sweat pants and t-shirt.  Your child’s classroom teacher will inform you of the days your child has physical education.

Physical activity must be done regularly to achieve health benefits. Therefore, your child’s participation is very important. If they are sick or unable to participate in any of the activities, please let the nurse or myself know via note or phone call prior to the scheduled class.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My contact information is as follows:

Email: FTiburcio@Emersonschools.org

Phone: 201-599-4178 EXT: 2817

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 7:45 AM- 8:15 AM at Villano School and 3:10 PM- 3:30 PM at Memorial School


 Villano School Yearly Schedule 
 Periods Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 1 6th  Memorial 6th            
 6th 6th
 24th Memorial 4th 4th 4th
 3 3rd Memorial 3rd 3rd 3rd
 4 5th Memorial 5th 5th 5th

Students will have Physical Education class once a week. However, the day of the week changes depending on the Specials class the student has during the semester. Follow schedule below.

Spanish- PE Mondays
Art- PE Wednesday
Digital Citizenship- PE Thursday
Music- PE Fridays

Memorial School Yearly Schedule 
 Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 1:35pm-2:20pm Mrs. Deubel Follow Below Mrs. Festa Mrs. MarkMrs. Masuci
 2:20pm-3:05pm Miss. Biggs Follow Below Mrs. Gammaratti Mrs. Felice Mrs. Latz

Tuesday Only
 Time Tuesday
 9:15am-10:00am Miss. Anderson
 10:05am-10:40am     PreK: C&S
 10:40am-11:15am Mrs. Elek AM
 1:00pm-1:30pm Mrs. Elek PM
 1:35pm-2:20pm Mrs. Johnson
 2:20pm-3:05pm Mr. Lechman

Reminder: All students MUST wear proper clothing to participate in Physical Education class. If any student is unable to participate, please let the nurse or myself know prior to class.

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