10:20-11:05 Grade -3  Brian Czaplicki

Ms. Salzman/Mrs. Welsh-110

Spanish  GYM- Monday

9:25-10:10 Grade -4  Jeffrey Adams,Nathan Mariano

Mrs. Mancino -21

Spanish  GYM- Monday

11:05-11:50 Grade -5   Charlene Amegashie,Lucas Molina

Mrs. Gallucci/Ms. Park-115

Music  GYM-Friday

8:40-9:25 Grade -6 Peter Herbert,Nicholas Milo

Mrs. McClafferty-25

Music  GYM- Friday

8:40-9:25 Grade -6  Santana Hage

Ms. Ferrante-23

Art  GYM- Wednesday

8:40-9:25 Grade 6 Noah Dolpp

Mrs. Catuogno-26

DC GYM-Thursday



I'm using Class Dojo to keep parents in the loop this year!! I will share photos from class,important updates and wonderful moments-like when students work hard and help each other:) 
I will be sending each parent instructions and a personal code so that your child's progress remains private for only you to view. Many of you have already joined in the fun!!



Get ready for an exciting year of writing!!! We will be focusing on choosing a strong idea,organization,word choice,sentence fluency and voice. Voice is the way in which a writer's personality ,or style comes through in writing . I anticipate a room full of AWESOME AUTHORS :

Reading Adventures

Reading Adventures are headed to room 11 with a focus on chapter books. We will be making predictions,using context clues,analyzing character,making connections and drawing conclusions. Get ready to share your ideas and opinions on some fantastic Read Aloud books we will be experiencing together.

Practice your spelling words each week using Spelling City

*****extra credit writing homework This assignment will be available for extra credit all year!!!
extra credit writing homework for classroom"sharing shade"
Write about something interesting you have heard,read or seen. 
  • a special person in your life
  • a place you have visited
  • a hobby or interest you have
bring in your writing piece along with a souvenir,picture,or any object that has to do with your writing :)
DON'T worry too much about spelling !!!! We can fix that......get your fabulous ideas down on paper and write! write! write!

WOW-word of the week : Students in room-11 will be participating in some word of the week fun:)
Use the word of the week in conversations,discussions,and written assignments and you put a marble in our word of the week treasure chest. Be sure to ask your child what happens when we fill our treasure chest with marbles!!

Google Classroom Code



Brian LA: Nouns (due Wednesday)

Math: Telling Time

Jeffrey  LA: New Shoes/questions

Math: multiply by 4

Nathan  LA:  New Shoes/questions

Charlene  LA:  : Nouns (due Wednesday)

Math: multiply by 4

Lucas  LA:  New Shoes/questions

Math: multiply by 4

Peter  LA: Which Word Definitions

Nick  Math: Math: multiply by 4

Noah  LA:  New Shoes/questions

Santana  LA: Match It Definitions