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Our Speech and Language Classroom Goals
  • I can use my social thinking skills to interact with peers and adults.
  • I can articulate sounds correctly to express my thoughts and feelings, report ideas, and collaborate with others.
  • I can use fluent speech to express my thoughts and feelings, report ideas, and collaborate with peers.
  • I can understand and use vocabulary across all subjects.
  • I can produce sentences that demonstrate understanding of grammar when speaking and writing.

Role of the School Based Speech Language Pathologist:

The focus of school-based speech/language pathologists is the communication abilities of students. The school-based speech-language pathologist’s goal is to remediate, improve, or alleviate weakness in communication skills in the educational environment.

Speech-language pathology services include: identification of children with speech-language impairments, appraisal and diagnosis of the impairment, referral for medical or other professional attention, provision of speech-language services for prevention or habilitation of communication impairments, and counseling and guidance for parents, children, and teachers regarding speech and/or language impairments.  Speech/language pathology services are both special education and a related service.  The school-based speech-language pathologist may serve as a member of a variety of teams that make decisions regarding evaluation, eligibility, and services.   The speech-language pathologist does not make decisions in isolation regarding the child’s eligibility for special education and related services, or the goals and objectives of intervention. The needs of students with disabilities are best addressed in a trans-disciplinary manner with a team of professionals providing services.  

Parents are important team members.  Please click on the links provided to see how you can help strengthen your child's speech and language skills. Thank you for your support!