Welcome to Mrs. Friedman's Class Site

Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Kristy Friedman and I have been teaching at Memorial School since 2004.  
As the Lead Teacher, I have the opportunity to work with nearly every student in our school. I teach Basic Skills and serve as an Instructional Coach for staff. In addition to my teaching duties, I assist 
Mrs. Espinoza in all day-to-day operations and procedures and serve as the HIB Specialist at Memorial. 
It is my pleasure to work with your children each day. 
Please feel free to contact me at any time.                                                           

Bulletin Board Challenge     

I am happy to announce the continuation of the “Memorial Reporters Challenge” for the 2016-2017 school year. All students are invited to participate in this monthly, Enrichment challenge. Students are asked to become “Memorial Reporters” by creating a report on something they are learning about in class. The challenge is optional and should be completed at-home using a combination of pictures and/or words. The reports may be hand written or typed, but most importantly should be completed by your child.

All students who participate in this challenge should submit their report by the last school day of the month. All participants will be recognized at Handy Meetings. In addition, one report from each class will be displayed on the Memorial News bulletin board in the main hallway.

I look forward to celebrating your child’s learning through this Enrichment challenge and appreciate your continued support.


School Ambassador Program
We are happy to report the continuation of the ambassador program this year. Due to the success of the pilot program, we are inviting all second graders interested in participating in the program to complete the application form. This is a great chance for our students to model appropriate peer interactions and exhibit their problem-solving abilities. Members of the School Ambassador Program have a big responsibility! Please discuss this exciting opportunity with your child and review the core questions and expectations listed below. All applications should be submitted to Mrs. Friedman by Wednesday September 27th.

Birthday Board
Once again we will celebrate birthdays by posting student photos on the bulletin board outside the BSI room. Please send in your child's photo (4X6 or smaller) with their name, birthdate and homeroom written on the back. You may send in photos ahead of time or at the beginning of their birthday month.

Important Dates