Food Services:

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Dear Memorial and Villano Families,

The Emerson Board of Education is pleased to announce that both Memorial and Villano Elementary Schools will once again be providing our School Lunch Program for the upcoming school year.  Each day's meal will contain a portion of protein, bread, two servings of fruit and/or vegetable and will also include a milk selection.  Each week's menu will have to meet certain nutritional guidelines, including limiting the amount of calories from fat, saturated fat, providing a minimum amount of the following nutrients:  protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C.  The regular meal will be value priced at $2.90 and the featured favorite will be priced at $3.70.  Students who are eligible will be able to receive a reduced-priced or free lunch.  

Students in the elementary schools will no longer need to order their meals for the day, week or month.  To pay for lunch, parents/guardians must fund student meal accounts. The easiest and most convenient way to add money to your child's account is through our new online system called "Pay For It".    Click HERE for directions to set up the account for your child. You will need your child's individual student ID numbers to set up your account. The Student ID Number  can be found in the "Student Summary" of the Genesis Parent Portal.Students will have the choice between three hot meals, a salad lunch, bagel meal, yogurt lunch or deli sandwich. When students arrive to lunch, they can choose a desired meal. Lunch will be served on the first day of school.

What are the benefits?
The lunch purchasing system is easier for parents, students, and teachers. Parents and students do not need to worry about forgetting to order lunch.
The system will speed up the lunch line providing students with more time to enjoy their meal. allows parents to set up a revolving balance so that when funds reach a certain level the account can be automatically replenished.
Parents can view what their children have selected for lunch on  
Parents with children attending the Emerson Jr./Sr. High School can easily add money to their account at the same time as all three schools are now on the same system.

An alternative to the online "Pay For It" system is to send a check/money order to the school payable to the Emerson Board of Education.  Please be aware "My School Meals" has been deactivated. Any money on the "My School Meals" system has been applied to your child's lunch account viewable
Should you have any questions regarding lunch ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Thank you,
Jessica Espinoza

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