Food Services:

September, 2022

 Dear Memorial and Villano Families,

The Emerson Board of Education is pleased to announce that both Memorial and Villano Elementary Schools will once again be providing our School Lunch Program for the upcoming school year.  Each day’s meal will contain a portion of protein, bread, two servings of fruit and/or vegetable and will also include a milk.  (Water cannot replace milk as a beverage.) Each week’s menu will have to meet certain nutritional guidelines, including limiting the amount of calories from fat, saturated fat, providing a minimum amount of the following nutrients:  protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Students will have a daily choice between a hot meal, sandwich or a bagel/yogurt meal.  The most up-to-date lunch menu is available on our website, in the folder below. You may access the menu through the link above.  Lunch will be served on the first day of school.

Thank you,


Mrs. Kristin Gagliano                                                           Mrs. Jessica Espinoza

Memorial School Principal                                                   Patrick M. Villano Principal

Please watch a short video for families that lays out the school meal changes for SY2022-23. The video is one minute in length, and is in both English and Spanish.