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                                                                               Mrs. Devan Chiusano, LCSW, School Social Worker
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         Counseling Resources as we return to school:

    • Zones of Regulation Toolbox: This is a model many of our providers use with most of our students.  Your child will likely be familiar with the language used in this visual.

1. Ask your child what "zone" they are in today and why?
2. Ask them what strategy they can use if they want to get back into the "green zone".
LaRussa, Lori / Zones of Regulation
    • Worry Box: Sometimes it’s helpful to think about/talk about your worries, but it is important to limit the time you are dwelling on them.  When you have a worry, write it on a post-it/piece of paper. Think about it or talk about it with a trusted adult or friend. Then put that worry in your box for safekeeping.  You can bring that worry out of the box and discuss it again at a specified time. Put your worry box in a designated spot so that you are able to discuss your worries at the specified times while also giving yourself separation and relief from thinking about them constantly.  Use any empty shoebox or tissue box and decorate it to make it your own!

    • Feelings Jenga: Write down various emotions on small slips of paper (i.e., happy, sad, frustrated, excited, proud, disappointed, etc.).  Tape these slips to Jenga blocks. Play Jenga and for every block pulled out, discuss the emotion, including a time you felt that emotion or saw someone feel that emotion and how it felt.

    • Exploring Emotions Jenga Game

    • Feelings Uno: directions here.
                • Feelings Uno by The School Counselor's Notebook | TpT