Audition Information...

Emerson Musical 2018
at Emerson School Arts & Innovation Center
Meet in Cafeteria Lobby on your sign up day!

Wednesday, September 5th 2018  3:00 - 6:00pm
Thursday, September 6th 2018  3:00 - 6:00pm

SIGN UP starting the first day of school on the Theatre Arts Bulletin Board located at end of hall outside of auditorium doors.
You do NOT have to attend the entire time on your day of choice.

If you cannot attend ANY PART of these times please email Mrs. Moon as soon as possible.

YOU MUST SIGN UP! It is better on Wednesday since most decide to come at the last minute on Thursday. 
There are no guarantees we can fit you in if you don't sign up!


 A SIGNED Parent Permission FORM is needed to be brought with students to the audition.
 Musical Audition Parent Letter is in attachment below

Please Note:
To be involved in the Emerson Musical you must audition and be in the elective T-day class. 
 Fees are included with taking part in the musical. You will need to provide costume items-like undershirts, socks, etc., makeup,
and Costume Cleaning/Rental, Set rentals, & Staff ($30)

Call Backs
Friday, September 7th 3:00-6:00pm
Monday, September 10th 3:00-6:00pm
(ONLY If needed)

If Called Back you need to be available the entire time on one of these days preferably all of them.
Call Backs are just that.....people the director needs to see again for more information, to match them with other people, create a flow for the show, from other auditions held after a specific person other ideas for the show may come into play that could require more information from people already seen, etc.
IT IS NOT FOR A SECOND AUDITION.  It is part of creating the show. 
If a person is not called back it does NOT mean they will not be cast in the show -even in a lead role!  It means the director received the information needed from the person who auditioned at their original time. The audition process is not a predictable one, hence it is a process.

For Auditions you will need to…
1.    Bring Signed PERMISSION FORM
This is the last page of the parent audition letter [attachment below] that needs to be read by your parents.  It informs them and you of the demands and requirements of being a part of the musical. It must be signed by them and you and handed into Audition Check-in Desk at the time of YOUR AUDITION.

2.    Prepare a Song of your choice, preferably from a Broadway musical. However any song that can show your abilities positively is encouraged! At Call Backs songs from the show will be taught as a group for solo-singing roles and those asked will sing them at the Call Back.

Go to the page "About the Show..." for sub-pages:
 Character List  -  this describes each role
Musical Numbers
by Character, this is where sheet music is found
 including the characters songs/sheet music and video clips to sing along and practice.
NOTE: Some songs may have more than one page.

SEE ALSO the RECORDED MUSIC PAGE for hearing recordings from the show!!
Don't Know What to Sing=
Try something like:
"You are my Sunshine", "God Bless America", "Edelweiss", "This Land is Your Land", a song from a Disney movie is good-like "The Lion King", "Beauty and the Beast", etc.

A PIANIST WILL BE PROVIDED. Bringing your own device to play your music is recommended if not using pianist.

There are roles in this show that do NOT require soloists.
-----This show has a big one-the Silent King!!

3.    Perhaps Dance in small groups- done 1st THURSDAY during elective class!
A simple movement dance will be taught during the first THURSDAY elective class time or during EPIC events scheduled that day. Therefore, students signed up and NEED TO BE IN THE CLASS BY THURSDAY! If you are not yet in class COME TO DANCE AUDITION. Small groups will dance the taught steps together as their dance audition.

4.    Perhaps Act from the Script

This will be a cold reading audition and most likely more intensive for call backs. Some cold reading may be done during the elective class time as well. Some improvisational acting may be asked.

IF YOU WANT TO BE IN CREW SEE Musical Main page.....

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