Rehearsal Schedule

A Pre-Rehearsal Schedule (a close example of what it will be) will be below in attachment by September 2016.
Final Rehearsal Schedule not till after casting the show

To understand/read who is needed on each day you will need to view the
 Character Scene/Song List (attached below) & know your role(s) from the Cast List
each as a separate attachment below.
Cast will be taught in class how to do this and it is the responsibility of the cast member to inform their families.

KEY for Rehearsal Schedule abbreviations: (more KEY on Rehearsal Schedule)
I= Act One    II= Act Two    sc=scene    C=in class rehearsal    MM=with Mrs. Moon    MB=with Mrs. Borton EV=with Eddie Van Riper
AS=After School rehearsal 2:45-4pm unless new end time listed on date of calender
    block=stage show    Cast=all show members Yellow hi-lite= pianist    Bros.= Brothers

If there is NO SCHOOL there is NO REHEARSAL or PERFORMANCE [example: Snow Day]

If you must miss rehearsal please email Mrs. Moon at least 24 hours ahead at

 should find a fellow cast member to "Stand In" for any missed rehearsal
if possible. 
If you give them your script they can take down blocking for you.  Then it is your responsibility to connect with your "Stand In" to receive any information/blocking/choreography you may have missed and learn it.

Tech Week& Performances are REQUIRED by ALL CAST/CREW. 

I have requested since auditions that the 2 weeks prior to the show (this includesTech Week) ALL CAST be present at rehearsals for the safety concern/issues involved with our production. 
If you can be at all REHEARSALS starting the week of Halloween
and any where you may see a RUN of a Scene/Song these are of the most importance to the success of our show.

 Assignment DUE September 13th: a copy of your REHEARSAL SCHEDULE
SIGNED by a PARENT with dates you/your role is needed after school CIRCLED or HIGH-LIGHTED.
 Make one for your folks to keep as well.
This will be due after casting is complete and more will be explained in class.
In other words, MAKE 3 COPIES:
1. one marked with AS rehearsals for YOU
2. one marked for AS rehearsals for your PARENTS
3. one marked and SIGNED by a Parent saying "Yes I-Parent got one" to turn into Mrs. Moon for assignment
Julie Moon,
Aug 10, 2016, 10:24 AM
Julie Moon,
Jul 13, 2016, 8:17 AM