Below you will find "Oscar-worthy" movies detailing information needed for class. 

REMEMBER - at the end of each lecture, be sure to complete the critical thinking response and email it to your teacher.
** Note that the ZimTube Critical Thinking Response Rubric is located at the bottom of this page for your reference (it has also been shared with you).

Welcome Back Lecture

Set your intentions for the year:  What are three things you are going to do to make this year great?  (Your response should be more than "I'm going to do all of my homework.")  

Welcome Back lecture.wmv

Industrialization Lecture #1

Choose ONE disruption from this time period and describe how it "disrupted" American society.  (Remember to check the ZimTube Critical Thinking Response Rubric)
Please email your teacher your response.

Industrialization movie.wmv

Industrialization Lecture #2 - Labor vs. Capital
Pretend you are working at the Amalgamated Iron, Steel, and Tin Company (owned by Andrew Carnegie). The new contracts were just revealed and you learned about the drastic cut in wages. Give me two reasons in favor of striking, and two reasons against striking.

Industrialization #2.wmv

Immigration Lecture
After talking with immediate and extended family members, discuss when, where, and why your family immigrated to the United States.  If you are unable to gather this information, describe why you would have immigrated to the United States and what part of the country you would have hoped to live in (and why).  

Immigration lecture.wmv

Progressive Era Lecture Part #1 - Forming and Goals of the Progressive Party

Why were trusts seen as "evil?"

Progressive Era.wmv

Progressive Era: Part II - Progressive Era Presidents and Constitutional Amendments

Which of the Progressive Era constitutional amendments is the most important and why?

Progressive Era Part II.wmv

Imperialism Lecture #1 - Reasons for US Expansion
Which of the three "new" styles of foreign diplomacy would you consider to be the most influential?  Which would you use if you were the President of the United States? 

Imperialism Lecture.wmv

Imperialism Lecture #2 - Impact of United States Imperialism
Name three areas in which the United States was involved and give a description as to WHY they were involved there.  

Imperialism Lecture 2.wmv

World War One - US Involvement in the Great War
Would you support the mobilization of American troops to go and fight in Europe? Why or why not? 

US Involvement in WWI Lecture.wmv

End of World War One
Respond to the following question:  How did the end of WWI plant the seeds for future conflict?  

Outcome of the Great War lecture.wmv

The Roaring 20s
How does one of the iconic figures mentioned represent the Roaring 20s?  OR  Do you believe that the Roaring 20s "roared" or "yawned?"

Roaring 20s.wmv

The Great Depression
If you were FDR and were confronted with the Great Depression, what ideas would you have to try and help the American people out of the Depression?

Great Depression Lecture.wmv

Rise of Nazi Germany
Was conflict inevitable and/or necessary in Europe in the 1930s?  Why or why not? 

Rise of Nazi Germany.wmv

Pacific Theater - Part I
What made the campaign in the Pacific Theater a very long and drawn out effort by the Allied forces?

Pacific Theater Part I.wmv

European Theater - Part I and II (combined - only ONE video and ONE response)
Did Germany ultimately LOSE the war OR did the Allies ultimately WIN the war?  Be sure to explain WHY!!

European Theater.wmv

Pacific Theater - Part II
If faced with the same decision as President Truman, what would you have done?  If you have a better solution other than dropping the atomic bombs or Operation Olympic, please explain it here.

War in the Pacific Part II.wmv

The Beginning of the Cold War
Which of the several initial (before 1950) attempts that the United States made to stop the spread of "a certain ideology" do you believe was the most successful and why?  

Start to the Cold War.wmv

Nuclear Diplomacy and Cuban Missile Crisis
How do you think the communication between President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev was affected because it was through telegrams, letters, and other media (and not face-to-face)?  Have you ever struggled with conversations through other media (i.e. Facebook, email, text message)? 

Nuclear Diplomacy Cuban Missile Crisis.wmv

Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King Jr. said "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."  Do agree with this?  How does this relate to the Civil Rights Movement? 

Civil Rights Mov't.wmv

Vietnam War
Pretend you are a college student in the United States from 1965-1970 (you spent an extra year getting your Master's Degree), what were your feelings of the Vietnam War?  Would you protest?  Why or why not and what types of things would you do to protest? 

Vietnam War.wmv

ZimTube Response Rubric