References and Credentials

Herein find examples of key references and credentials extolling the professional nature and credibility of of our Founder and Group

Dr. Ferguson's Bio and Doctorate Degree. Dr. Ferguson's Doctorate Thesis was focused on the effectiveness of Distance Education

Apostle from the United States certifying the Doctorate and internationally recognizing the validity of Emerging Educations Director and Founder

Letter of Recommendation from Director of TBC Institute in Mexico

Touching personal Letter of Recommendation from Office of General Provincial Services, Quezon, Philippines

Certification  of Recommendation from JiangXi Province Education authorities 


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Dr. Ferguson's CV for perusal

Personal Details: Married, 30+ years
Nationality: USA
Education: B.S., M.S., Ed.D. All Diploma’s in Education
Affiliations: Int’l Red cross, Master Instructor
References & Letters of Recommendation available upon request

Employment History:

October 22, 2009:  Received Honorarium from UNHCR Appointing:  Peter R. Ferguson as: AMBASSADOR For Refugees Worldwide!  Will use this Master Honor as a Medium for Assisting the West Central Africa Refugees and Refugee Camps throughout the Region,  for Better Life Styles and Better Living Conditions!


Aug. ’07/Present:  International Education Consultant & Lecturer. Goals have been Physically working in SE Asian Countries.  An Emphasis in Creating a West Central African Network, to Assist Refugee’s and Refugee Camps has begun.

Dec.’03/July ‘07 Private Tutor in ESL & English Speech & Writing, Int’l Lecturer Presently Teaching Business English at Nanchang Normal University, Nanchang, PRC  Major Efforts to Assist those in Need everywhere, working with & through the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Organizations, Geneva. 

March ‘03/Dec/’03 Principal of School at Guangzhou Nanhu Int’l School, Guangzhou, PRC Opened school from Master Plan through opening & Hired All Staff, faculty & enrollment needs for the school. Complete overview & installation of school Operations to be turned over to the new Chinese Principal

Dec’98/March ’03  International Education Consultant traveled worldwide assisting Schools, Colleges in raising needed operational Capital & needed Scholarship Funds

1996/98  Tecnologico de Baja California, Head of English Departments 6 Campuses for this Private Catholic University, redeveloped curriculum for all English classes and managed 26 English Teachers, while working with the Administration to implement new Teaching  Methodologies

1994/96  Suzhou International  Foreign Language School, Suzhou, PRC Vice Principal & Head of Foreign Language Teachers,  Headed up this first Private International School in Jiangsu Province, PRC. Lead 3rd grade Teacher & developed Curriculum in English for All 8 grade levels. Coordinated the Teaching Methodologies for all teaching staff. Trained the Permanente Chinese Principal in Her Duties. Arranged Local Demonstrations of English Teaching Techniques to local Public Schools throughout Suzhou, within Education Department II Division Schools.

1980/90 Education Foundation  President & CEO, Developed Company for funding & assisting Schools &
Colleges worldwide develop in all areas of need

1970/80 J.T. Knight of Atlanta,  Inc. Executive Vice President of this Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Recycling Company, Mgr. of Operations & Environmental Safety, Major Study & Planning of Recycling of Plastic Wastes begun. 

1968/69 Atlanta Public Schools  5th & 6th grade Teacher
Military Service:
United States Marine Corps,  1967/Honorable Discharge

Experience in group training, facilitation & lecture
Self motivated & disciplined
Strong Written & Verbal Communications skills
Highly proficient in program development
Highly applicable leadership skills
Twenty plus years of experience working with all ages
of children, youth & adults, especially in areas
dealing with Educational needs


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