Our Proud History


An overview of the Group and the Founders 30 years of bridging cultures through education

1980 Education Foundation founded in the US



Late 1980's work with the Indonesian Government on University Development


1990's work with the Mexican University system and IB development


Late 90's to  2009 with Chinese International schools and University development projects



We happily support several educational charities throughout Asia Pacific





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Our globally focused group began its genesis in 1980 as the Education Foundation. Though the days were early and the world a bit larger then, the premise behind the foundation was the same. Mr. Peter Ferguson, the President and CEO of EF, founded and ran the company set up to securely fund and assist schools world wide in all areas of need; from land for equity financing to curriculum development, sourcing  and training staff to recruiting students; Education Foundation ran for over ten years in emerging markets with banner success.

Following the successful ventures within the constructs of a not for profit organization, Peter set out to further develop and research his chosen career in not only Distance Education, but in International Baccalaureate development, and went on to pursue his ED.D Doctorate in Education from Berkley University. From this achievement, in 1997, Emerging Education was born. From the outset, the challenges were carefully outlined and the goals were made clear: bring education and best practice methodologies to the countries that truly needed it most. The Group has for the past twelve years focused effort on the developing countries of Asia and Latin America, bringing modern as well as tried and true methods and practices to educators, governments, institutions, and of course directly to the students themselves.

The philosophy of the teaching and education methods at Emerging Education follows Dr. Ferguson’s "4 R's". These principles are applied to students of all ages, adults, faculty and staff:

  •                           Respect                for ones self
  •                           Respect                for your Family and Elders
  •                          Respect                     for others and your peers
  •                          Responsibility              for your own actions



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