My Bonsai

When I discovered the pallet offered by the world of plants and trees, I must admit, I was  overwhelmed!  Bonsai, the intersecting of living color, artistic imaginings and horticulture hooked me.  I am so fortunate.  Emergent Creations is an opportunity for me to take my passion for art and horticulture and share it with you. The possibilities are endless. I truly hope we will be able to share in this wonderful art form called Bonsai and that the plants and materials I have been able to provide will be a blessing to you.

As you can imagine there is a very lengthy and specific answer to this question.  Allow me to give you the short on the go answer for now. 

Here are the critical steps:

1.  Take the time to discover where it grows best (full sun, outside, shade, etc).  Google is the best source of data.  Match its likes as best you can.  It's the most important care step you will take.  If it looked good when you bought it, ask the grower, if possible, where it has been!

2.  Make a date.  All plants need light, water and food.  If it was planted in the ground it could do some of that work on its  own.  More than likely it's in a Bonsai pot.   You are its source of care.  Don't forget it!

3.  The secret to the incredible longevity of hundred year old Bonsai is the above but includes this critical step... (Pruning)  We are talking about its leaves and branches, but also the unseen, but all important roots.   Learn how and practice it.  On average the roots must be pruned every few years.


What was that tree spotlighted in the hit movie "The Karate Kid?"  It was the enduring and all weather Juniper.  More specifically, it was the Japanese Garden Juniper (Procumbens Nana).  There are a number of juniper type trees used often in the art of Bonsai.  We have at Emergent Creations Garden Center several of them.. Some are as old as 35 years.  Though not suitable for growing indoors these trees can take whatever heat and cold comes their way.  Just keep them well watered and they will provide year round green growth and beauty!

Juniper at Emergent Creations:
Procumbens Nana
Mint Julep