About Us

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed art.  Colors, light and dark, contrasts,symmetry and the opportunity to create something truly unique fascinate me.  What could be better than a unhurried hour or two to take pen , pencil and a brush and create.  Here are a few of my  attempts. to be creative.......

When I discovered the pallet offered by the world of plants and trees i must admit I was  overwhelmed!  Bonsai, the intersecting of living color,  artistic imaginings  and horticulture  hooked me.  I am so fortunate.  Emergent Creations is an opportunity for me to take my passion for art and horticulture and share it with you. The possibilities are endless. I truly hope we will be able to share in this wonderful art form called Bonsai and that the plants and materials I have been able to provide will be a blessing to you.

Jim Pagan

Emergent Creations LLC
Crafting unique, one of a kind Topiaries, Bonsai and Miniatures

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