Welcome to Emergent Creations

I confess.  I am fascinated with Art and the World Of Plants. When I began my adventure into Bonsai it was not long before I was hooked.  Bonsai is that living merger between Horticulture and the Canvas.  Emergent Creations  is my business adventure into both worlds.  Welcome!

What is Emergent Creations?

Simply defined, it is a Garden Center.   I would like to describe it as a show case of flora wonder.   Plants are carefully chosen for their potential to bring delight inspiration and curiosity to the observer.  When someone purchases one they are getting an emerging artistic creation.  As the resident horticulturist and owner of Emergent Creations, I can only take a small amount of the credit for the beauty displayed in each tree and plant.   Michelangelo was once asked by a patron how he created such beautiful statues.  He replied,  "I simply take away what doesn't belong."  I seek to do much the same with our plants.  I hope you will stop by and see for yourself some of the beautiful  wonders that make up Emergent Creations Garden Center.  Hopefully, you will  leave encouraged and inspired.




                     LAKE EOLA FARMER'S MARKET
                                  SUNDAY 10-4 PM

Come visit us every Sunday at the beautiful Lake Eola Farmer's Market in Orlando.   We  always have a unique variety of dish gardens, beautiful pottery, Succulents and Bonsai plants.    Great prices too!    We are also  available to help you maintain your plant selection and answer any questions.    

The Winter Garden Farmers Market from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Watch YouTube Presentation at High Resolution!

Winter Garden Farmers Market


Incredible plants all zoned for Central Florida from the state of Oregon.

Sophora Prostrata Little Baby
Dwarf Japanese Pagoda
Falling Water Bald Cypress
Koto Buki grafted Black 

Directly in front of Deco Gallery is the home of Emergent Creations Nursery.  We specialize in the unique and unusual.  Among our emerging plant creations is a large collection of Ficus.  These user friendly plants are popular as a bonsai or house plant and have developed some great trunks and character. 


Imagine yourself in a lush Rain Forest Jungle and you will likely see our Abricolas Umbrella Tree.   These trees have a bright green canopy with lots of air roots.   Like our Ficus, these unusual specimens make great bonsai and are indoor friendly.  


Made famous by the hit movie Karate Kid, the Juniper is the bonsai of our imaginations.   We have an expansive collection of Junipers including San Jose, Mint Julep, Japanese Garden and Parsoni.   These all weather creations are great for topiaries and bonsai.   We even sell them by the tray!  

At Emergent Creations Garden Center you will find a great variety of Juniper, Bald Cypress, Ficus Majestic Beauty, Serissa, Black Pine, Fukien Tea, Bamboo Buddhist PIne, Podocarpus Dwarf, Weeping Yaupon, Ilex Schiling, Loropetalune Bougainvillea and Boxwood Elm.  

Mikawa Japanese Black Pine 
Prized by bonsai enthusiast for its corky black bark. I have these 4" seedlings already potted up and on there way to being something great. These have been propagated from seed. I have 75 available. I expect them to go quickly since they are tough to find. 

A New Product at Emergent Creations Nursery: L.E.C.A. (lightweight expandable clay aggregate)

This product is a reusable super heated clay product ideal for making up your own bonsai soil or as the growing medium in hydroponics. Check out the video www.growingagreenerworld.com. See episode 206. The beauty of this product is that it is able to hold oxygen and water for the plant to use and opening up the soil keeping roots happy and healthy. I have LECA available in 50 and 75 pound size bags. My prices are amazing! Email me at jim@emergentcreations.com for more information.