Sandra Mason


Welcome to Career & Technical Instruction

Career and Technical Instruction support service is designed to support CTI students enrolled in Career, Technical and Agricultural Education classes. The goal of the secondary (grades 9-12) level services is to provide CTI students with job-entry skills at the completion of the CTAE experience. My Role is to provide resource assistance to CTI students that are enrolled in classes in the CTAE program and to coordinate the services you need to develop career related goals.

  • Provide support services to CTI students enrolled in a Career, Technical and Agricultural.
  • Enable CTI students to acquire entry-level job skills through a CTAE education plan.
  • Coordinate CTI student's course of study with short and long-range career goals through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • Participate in the development of the transition section of an IEP.
  • Provide Work Based Learning experience.
Involvement Opportunities for CTI Students
CTI State Leadership Conference
The focus of the CTI State Leadership Conferences is to provide CTI students enrolled in career, technical and agricultural education courses with high quality interactive leadership activities. The purpose of the conferences is to reward students showing the greatest improvement in career, technical and agricultural education courses and work adjustment skills, and to recognize the achievement of these students. The leadership conferences also serve as an incentive for other students in the CTI program to improve their skills.  This conference is held each year in April.
CTI Fall Leadership Conference

Another Opportunity for CTI students to participate in a high quality interactive leadership activity is the CTI Fall Leadership Conferences.  This Conference is held each year in November Leadership.  Conference participants develop great team-building skills and the ability to express their ideas and views more articulately.  Conference leadership activities thus help in the overall personality development of participants by making them better equipped for kinds of tasks they will face in the future.