Swainsboro High School JROTC Tiger Battalion Webpage


                   Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps

         Senior Army Instructor                                         Army Instructor  
     CPT (Retired) Lee Sirmans                             SFC (Retired) Phillip Robinson
   lee.sirmans@emanuel.k12.ga.us                    probinson@emanuel.k12.ga.us 

All JROTC Cadets must wear their Blue Army Service Uniform on Wednesdays.  

When wearing the uniform:
Males must keep their hair off the ears and the top of the collar, no earrings nor bracelets of any kind, and the face will be clean shaven. 

Females must keep their hair pulled up off the collar and may wear one (1) set of small stud earrings (gold, silver, diamond, or pearl) in the earlobe only.  
The hair must be a natural color and can not be extreme in length so as to interfere with the wearing of the Gray Beret