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    The era in which we live is an exciting one. The vast information that we know is growing exponentially. The period in which a student could learn a trade and expect to be able to continue that trade throughout his or her life is gone. Students entering our society must have the skills to adapt to change, think creatively, and systematically solve problems. In other words, today's society must be technologically literate. Technology education helps students develop personal characteristics that are valuable to life. Students are given an opportunity to explore areas and to discover strengths and weaknesses within themselves. Through cooperative learning, students develop interpersonal skills. Through independent study students develop personal work habits that translate into accomplishment and pride in their work. 

    Technology education students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn to explore several alternative solutions, not simply a single answer. Using cognitive, affective, and psychomotor functions, students are able to achieve even the highest levels of Bloom's taxonomy of synthesis and evaluation. By reaching these levels, students are able to become technologically literate, whereby rational decisions can be made for the technological challenges of their world. This enables students to become better citizens. These individuals become aware of the social, economic, political, and environmental impacts of technology. 

    Technology education is both a general education elective and a career/technical track. It serves both as a career exploratory and a career preparatory curriculum. The discipline of technology education applies concepts learned in other disciplines. Students are given the opportunity to explore the relationships between math, science, language arts, and social studies. These experiences allow students to discover the relationship of the theoretical and the practical.
Technology education is an interdisciplinary field that teaches students to appreciate tools, materials, and processes through multi-sensory learning. The development of this technological literacy is essential for meaningful living in our technological society.
- Steve Price
World Renown Technology Education Instructor
and GA TSA Pioneer
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