Welcome to Math!

Welcome to Math 3!  Regardless of your math background, love it, or hate it, you must pass through the doors of a math classroom to complete your high school education.  Taking good notes and doing your homework are critical, but ultimately you are the greatest factor in your own success!
Math 3

This is the third in the sequence of secondary mathematics courses designed to ensure that students are college and work ready.  This course requires students to analyze polynomial functions of higher degree; explore logarithmic functions as inverses of exponential functions; solve a variety of equations and inequalities numerically, algebraically, and graphically;  use matrices and linear programming to represent and solve problems; use matrices to represent and solve problems involving vertex-edge graphs; investigate the relationships between lines and circles; recognize, analyze, and graph the equations of conic sections; investigate planes and spheres; solve problems by interpreting a normal distribution as a probability distribution; and design and conduct experimental and observational studies.