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Welcome to the Algebra III and Math I Website.   

Algebra III 

A college preparatory course that reviews the skills from Algebra II and prepares students to use advanced algebra skills and concepts through a variety of approaches. This course actively involves students in their learning to develop their mathematical power through solving strategies, cooperative learning activities, critical thinking and logical reasoning activities, using technology to explore and develop concepts and connecting algebra to daily life.


Math I

This is the first in the sequence of secondary mathematics courses designed to ensure that students are college and work ready. This course requires students to: explore the characteristics of basic functions using tables, graphs, and simple algebraic techniques; operate with radical, polynomial, and rational expressions; solve a variety of equations, including quadratic equations with a leading coefficient of one, radical equations, and rational equations; investigate properties of geometric figures in the coordinate plane; use the language of mathematical argument and justification; discover, prove, and apply properties of polygons; utilize counting techniques and determine probability; use summary statistics to compare samples to populations; and explore the variability of data.