Angela Hooks

Welcome to my homepage!  Here you will find information for my Economics and World History classes this semester including syllabi, notes, and directions.
The 2010-2011 Spotlight is going to be awesome!  My staff and I have worked really hard to make this a yearbook everyone can be proud of.  Please be sure you reserve your copy!  Please contact me for information on how to order.  Delivery will be sometime during the month of May.

Economics Course Overview:     We make important decisions every day that affect our communities, schools and nation.  The goal of the high school Economics course is to provide students with economic knowledge and tools to help them make informed decisions as they get ready to enter the world of adulthood.  Due to the challenging times we are experiencing as a society, these skills will be more important than ever.  In addition to the content as outlined in the Georgia Performance Standards, emphasis will be placed on test-taking skills to prepare students for the Economics End-Of-Course test.

World History Course Overview:  This purpose of this class is to give students an overview of the history of the world.  That is a lot!  Basically, we will study the civilizations, people, and events that made our world what it is today.  As a society, we can’t make a future for ourselves without studying and understanding the past.  In addition, we will focus on concepts of both physical and cultural geography.