Welcome District 7 Families!

This page has been created to assist District 7 families with the responsibilities that come with access to technology devices and the internet.  

The steps outlined here are designed to provide you with information so that your family can feel better prepared to enjoy the benefits and opportunities of technology devices and the internet, while also developing respectful, responsible, and safe habits.  

This "module" is intended to be self-directed for parents to use along with their children.  
Please plan on spending about 20-30 minutes completing all activities.

Understanding the Internet

Begin with this video from Common Sense Media: Click HERE

Next, take a few minutes to view this video to better understand how the internet works.  Click HERE.  

How Web Filters Work

Now that you have a better understanding of how the content gets to the device through the internet, consider how content filters work by reviewing this diagram:

Just to clarify, while devices are being used on the District 7 network within our school buildings, the content is filtered.  
The devices themselves, used by our students, do not have filters on them.
The devices will automatically look for wireless networks in order to connect to the internet.  Some wireless networks require passwords to connect, while others do not.
Families who have wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) at home may choose to connect a device to the internet, and to filter content. 
  • Contact your internet service provider for more information about filtering content that comes to your home.
  • Or, explore filtering options within your web browser or other software on your home computer

Setting Up Ground Rules

OK, now it is time to establish some rules for the privilege of using all of this technology.  While at school, students are connecting to the internet through District 7's network, using District 7's devices.  And, as you know, parents and students signed our User Agreement prior to receiving a device, which can be found HERE .  
But basically, it says that if the content isn't educational, it isn't OK to go there.
This also means that the device is for students to use, not parents.    
And yes, we really expect students to follow these expectations because we:
  1. Teach the expectations
  2. Reinforce the expectations through continued access at school
  3. Provide feedback or consequences when the expectations are not met

Establishing Family Expectations

And you can do the same at home.  In fact, we insist that you do this in order to help students develop into digital leaders!  Watch this first:  Encouraging Digital Citizenship

Some basic limits to consider include the following:
  • Expectations for use of the device at home
    • Time of day that device is allowed?
    • How many minutes per session?
    • How many total minutes per day?
    • Where can the device be used?                                        (i.e. Kitchen, Family Room)
    • Where can the device not be used?                             (i.e. bathroom, bedroom)
    • What can the device be used for?  (If it is a District 7 device, use should be limited to educational purposes, even while at home.)
  • Parents should always know how to review the browsing history of all devices.
  • Parents should always have access to usernames/passwords of all accounts.

What are some ways that your family will reinforce positive digital leadership as students use technology in ways that reflect your family values? 

What are some ways that your family will respond if students make poor choices and use technology in ways that do not reflect your family values?  

Once you have established youfamily expectations, consider this resource to make it official:  Family Media Agreement

Not the End, Just the Beginning!  

If you have taken the time to view each video, you should now have a better understanding of both the opportunities and responsibilities that come with continual access to the internet. 
Wood Dale School District 7 has embraced the potential for student growth that comes with individual access to technology and we look forward to continuing to partner with families to promote positive digital leadership in our community!  

Please view this final video:  Engaging Families

If we can be of further assistance with helping your family to utilize technology to enhance your child's learning, please contact your child's teacher.  

Thank you for participating!   

Excellent Resource for further review: