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Black Concerns Commission

Black Concerns Commission

BCC Purpose Statement:

The Black Concerns Commission embraces a diverse and inclusive culture in which all VCCA members can pursue their individual, interpersonal, educational and professional goals.  We claim a fearless resolve to build relationships of mutual respect, honesty, and appreciation.  Our commitment is to build relationships of trust through personal interaction as a community of partners working together as one. 

We recognize strengths and weaknesses as opportunities to help each other; to face challenges through collaboration, renovation, and innovation; to find in our differences reasons to celebrate each other; to see in our common ground the strength to stand together and advance our common cause.  If you need help, have no fear in asking; if you can give help, feel no hesitation in giving.  We are an environment where each individual will feel free to pursue any questions and any answers necessary to their success and happiness; where each person has equal access to every opportunity; where our strength as an organization will be the direct result of the strength of each individual and our individual commitment to work together as one.

Black Concerns Commission Mission Statement

The Black Concerns Commission (BCC) of the Virginia Community Colleges Association (VCCA) was founded to: 

  • promote the aims of the VCCA as set forth in the governance section of its constitution; 
  • identify and study needs and concerns of Virginia’s community colleges’ Black staff and students and to communicate these to appropriate individuals, agencies, and groups; 
  • operate for educational purposes as they pertain to effective and quality education and training for Black students; 
  • provide a statewide body whereby Black constituents of the community college system can identify, affiliate and network in the interest of effective education and training of Black people; 
  • provide activities designed to sensitize community college staff members to the needs of Black students in academic curriculum development and in the non-academic areas of personal counseling, career/vocational guidance, academic advisement, financial aid, recruitment, and retention.

2017-2018 Black Concerns Commission Officers

                                                                                                    Chair-Elect: Vera Holmes, TCC

Financial Secretary: Tara Lewis, JTCC

Member-At-Large: Dr. Emanuel des-Bordes, BRCC

Member-At-Large: Beth Dickens, TNCC

Member-At-Large: Chevelle Mason, ESCC

Member-At-Large: Eileen Scanlon, JSRCC

Member-At-Large: Chris Shiraki, DSLCC

Parliamentarian: Dr. Ivory Warren, TCC

Consultant: Barbara Vinson-Ratliff