*Welcome to Sunshyn's Essays describing her interesting Summer of 2011*

This summer I enrolled in English 111 at TNCC. The class was taught by Mr. Richard Dollieslager. The class theme for the semester was, “What is there to do around here during the summer?” Due to this being my first summer here, it was hard to come up with things to do. Well we were assigned to write about our weekend adventures. Mr. D. wanted us to go out and have fun. During the beginning of the eight week course, we talked about Langston Hughes. Hughes wrote a story called, “Salvation” which was about a day that his life changed. Mr. D. wanted us to do the same, and, the day my life changed was December 13, 1999 when my grandmother passed away. To begin my summer adventures I, along with a motorcycle club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sponsored a charity event for Lupus. We had families come out and share how they are overcoming the disease on a daily basis. We held a charity ride for donations, and all donations went to the families. Mr. Johnson, a person diagnosed with Lupus, came and spoke on how he was on his way to pursue a basketball career when he was diagnosed. I had a family weekend at my home, to where my family and I just sat around watching movies, and spending time with one another. Out of all the movies we watched during our weekend, Hangover II was my favorite. Another great adventure was when my fiancé' and I went on a surprise weekend extravaganza celebrating our 10th anniversary. Our anniversary was in January of this year and we celebrated 10 wonderful years together. He was on deployment during that time so he surprised me and took me to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He had reserved a honeymoon package at the Bay View Resort that included a great oceanfront seafood restaurant call the Sea Captain House. My summer adventures were great some great adventures because I spent it with loved ones and assisting other families. They are the adventures I experienced this summer.

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