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Distance learning gives you an opportunity to take a college level class, without being on campus regularly.  It requires a student that is motivated and self-disciplined. It is an interesting and fun way to take a class.  There will not be an on-campus meeting for this class. The class will be taught using a web-based course management tool called Canvas, so you must have Internet access to participate in this course.  If you do not have a computer at home, you may work at the college in the library.  Personal computer problems are not an acceptable excuse for late work.


IMPORTANT- To find out your username, you will need to go to WebAdvisor . You will need either your student id or your social security number.  To log in to your class, go to http://www.bucks.edu and click on E-Resources and then Canvas..  You will not have access to this course until 1:00 AM the first day of class. Please let me know ASAP, via email, if you are unable to log in.


You must complete the Start Here learning module within the course space to get full access to the course.   


You will need to spend at least as much time on this class as you would if you were taking it in a classroom (if not more).  That means for a traditional 15-week course,  6-12 hours a week should be devoted to reading and  completing assignments. It is imperative that you keep on track with the posted schedule. 



Textbook and supplies - please visit the college bookstore website.




Students will be evaluated on quizzes, tests, assignments, and discussion board participation  Late assignments are not accepted.  It is important that assignments be handed in on time and complete. Extensions and make-ups will only be given under extreme circumstances. Personal computer problems are not an acceptable excuse for late work.


You will submit your work electronically, via Canvas, so plan accordingly.  If you know that you will be away when an assignment is due, work ahead and submit it early- rather than late.  You'll feel better on vacation if it's not hanging over your head anyway! 



Please review the college academic calendar for important dates.  Students are urged to retain all graded work returned to them until final grades have been received from the college. You can print the My Grades page for your records. 

It is imperative that you log into this class on a regular basis.  Make-up quizzes may be given at the discretion of the instructor - make sure you contact me BEFORE you miss a quiz if you anticipate an issue.


If there is a need to withdraw from this course, do so officially from the Admissions Office.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism and other forms of academic cheating are unacceptable and are considered as MAJOR infractions of the Student Code of Conduct and College Policy and will be dealt with as published in the College Catalog.


You may contact the instructor via email using the messaging system in Canvas, or by sending an email to stroffol@bucks.edu.  A voicemail account is available for the instructor.  This information will be posted in Canvas as it is only checked while classes are in session.

See the Subpages below for individual courses and descriptions.