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These 'mixologists' smash Apps and create amazing 'mixed' drinks! 

Go from a "sage on a stage" to a "guide on the side" one 'mixed' drink at a time!

 Kirstin "Jersey Girl" Riddick

Specializes In: 

Nearpod, Aurasma, ShowMe,Thinglink, Evernote

As an accomplished education administrator with proven experience in academic leadership, professional development and instructional technology, I bring a focus on technology-integrated instruction and an expertise in curriculum development that effectively addresses every student's learning style and abilities.  I am an active learning advocate specializing in student motivation techniques, blended learning, and differentiated instruction.  Prior to NOVA, I served as an Assistant Principal, Project Manager for Scantron (GlobalScholar), and School District-Level Educational Technologist and Trainer.  

Patricia "Crafty" Cooper

Specializes In:

iMovie, Aurasma, Stop Motion, PowToon

I love working with video.  I love editing it, shooting it, and producing it. Most of all, I love teaching students how to use it to create their own stories in the form of documentaries and short movies.  This love affair with video comes from my experience as an Associate Producer at CNN. As an AP, I produced news packages for the weekend talk show. And as a tech teacher I have been able to produce some outstanding student news programs. These morning announcements have been jokingly compared to the Today Show! Today’s Smart technologies make it easy for anyone to create with video. Currently, I get to show faculty how to incorporate video along with apps and cool web 2.0 tools into their curriculum. When I’m not playing around with video, you can find me in my craft room creating stories out of scrapbooking paper.

Matt "The Mayor" Fox

Specializes In: 

Nearpod, Remind, Quizlet, Tellagami, Symbaloo

A mixologist since 2014.
A passionate educator and learner.
Happiest collaborating, connecting, sharing, and laughing.  
 Gamification, Education Reform, Augmented Reality, Instructional Technology
Favorite Mix: The PioNear
Most underrated app(s): Aurasma and ShowMe

Lori "The Novelist" Campbell

Alright, so I'm the oddball in this group.  First, I was an educator in Georgia for seven years.  I taught World Literature, American Literature, British Literature, and SAT Prep.  My husband was eventually transferred to Virginia, coincidentally where I met him years and years ago, and I got a job working at NOVA with the rest of the Mixologists.  While I LOVED the job and these guys, I was driving an ungodly distance everyday through D.C. traffic.  If you've ever driven I-66 near D.C., you understand what I mean.  So, I then made the transition to the Marketing and Communications Director for Massanutten Military Academy, the place I met my husband so many years ago.  I'm heading back into the classroom next year for a Communications class and coordinating the Yearbook Staff.  Everything happens for a reason and I know all the things I've learned at NOVA are going to help me this upcoming year.

Unsure of what exactly "App Smashing" is? That's ok.  We've got you covered with a definition and some links for you to check out. 

What is "App Smashing"? (defined by Greg Kulowiec from edtechteacher.org)
The process of using multiple apps in conjunction with one another to complete a final task or project.

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