Smart Document Camera 280

Turning on Room
  • Press power button on Smart Board wall panel (button turns green)

Using Computer
  • Turn ON Computer
  • On Smart Board wall panel switch to computer 1

When using the Visual Presenter
  • Press power button on visual presenter (turns green)
  • To switch back to PC press PC button

For Use of the VHS/DVD Player
  • Press video button on Smart Board wall panel
  • Turn ON the VHS/ DVD player
  • Press Play

Shutting Down
  • Turn OFF the Visual Presenter (hold button down)
  • Turn OFF Smart Board (press power button twice)
  • Turn OFF Computer, DVD/VHS Player, & close lights in room

Using Computer Only

  • Turn ON Computer & Monitor
  • Turn ON Visual Presenter 
  • Press RGB 1 button on Visual Presenter  
  • (At this point you can use the PC without using the LCD mounted projector)

  Document Camera 280
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