Self Evaluation

Shahad Yahya

English 111-07H




How I Became a Better Writer


            When I first started off in English 111, I was a poor writer. In fact, all my essays were consisted of poor grammars, fragments, comma errors, and run on sentences. Now, I feel that I have made a tremendous progress with my writings, because I used the Norton Hand Book. First of all, The Norton Hand Book is a guidance book that helped me learn how to avoid fragments, comma errors, and run on sentences. Next, receiving many feedbacks from my professor and colleagues on my papers also helped me become a better writer. Those feedbacks taught me how to write sentences correctly, how to dive deep without repeating the same idea throughout the essay, and how to use semicolons correctly when combining two related sentences. The feedbacks also taught me how to use transition words and link paragraphs in a better way, how to write a unify thesis statements that expresses a clear opinion about the essay topic, and how to set a clear hook for the essay. Further, when I first started writing in English 111 essays, I was not familiar with how works cited work; therefore, I had a hard time citing my papers; however, I found a solution to my problem. I used the Norton Hand Book and looked up different models of works cited papers, I also used the internet to look up models of how to cite essay papers correctly. Finally, I asked the professor for help and worked with groups that knew how to cite essay papers correctly.