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            This website was created to provide a reference to writing English papers that require citations as well as give somewhat of a guide of what to do if you happen to be visiting the beautiful state of Virginia. Virginia is a state that is rich in history and the things to do and explore here are unlimited.

            Virginia has eleven Metropolitan areas that include Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads and Richmond-Petersburg as the three most populous. Richmond is our state capital and Virginia Beach is the most populous city in the Commonwealth, with Norfolk and Chesapeake following second and third, respectively.

Virginia Beach is a resort city with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, motels, and restaurants along its oceanfront and is one of the more popular additions to the Hampton Roads area.


            In my first essay ESSAY #1 I described something that happened in my life that would be considered a defining moment (a moment that leaves a significant impact on your life that somehow made you who you are today). In my essay, I  also referenced

another essay written by Langston Hughes entitled "Salvation," and you can read the original essay here: 

               In my second essay ESSAY #2 I take you on a journey through one of my favorite parks deep within the heart of Virginia Beach called False Cape.  The beauty of this park can barely be competed with and is definitely worth at least a day's trip.     

   In my third ESSAY #3 I strongly endorse an amazing sushi restaurant in Virginia Beach by name of "Yukai" (fun in Japanese).


In the last essay I provided ESSAY #4 I review an opera I went to go see in downtown

Norfolk entitled "Simon Boccanegra." I'm not really into opera's but this is definitely  worth seeing and I strongly suggest looking into this piece.


When It's all said and done, there really is a lot to do in this incredible state, and  to this day I still talk to many people who have lived here for a while who claim there isn't so that's why I listed a few quality places to check out. When you invest the time to look around, you will find that Virginia has many incredible restaurant's, parks and other places to go for entertainment. Consider this website a first stop resource and personal guide to finding things to do locally and if you're still struggling with finding something that suites you, check out this website for more information.